New York Times Crossword Answers

Well hello there. It seems like you’re stuck in a crossword puzzle while playing NYTimes crossword. Fear not, we are crossword-aholics and we solve almost every puzzle every day. Check out today’s puzzle crossword answers, have arranged them by their direction and order they appear on the original puzzle

NYT Crossword Answers Jan 22 2019

Across Clues


Down Clues


Answers for Monday, Jan 21 2019
Answers for Sunday, Jan 20 2019
Answers for Saturday, Jan 19 2019
Answers for Friday, Jan 18 2019
Answers for Thursday, Jan 17 2019
Answers for Wednesday, Jan 16 2019
Answers for Tuesday, Jan 15 2019
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The New York Times crossword puzzle is a crossword game published on their website and it’s also available on the official mobile app. From Monday to Sunday you will be challenged with a daily crossword puzzle for you to solve.
The Monday’s are usually the easiest and it gets harder and harder by the day until you get to Sunday’s which is the most complex Crossword puzzle to solve.
The puzzles are usually 15×15 squares puzzles, on weekends they can be 25×25.