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NyTimes Crossword Answers Jul 20 2019

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Hello there! How is today’s New York Times crossword puzzle taking you? If you are stuck, don’t freak out just yet because we have brought you help. We are renowned crossword solvers who have been solving NYTimes crosswords for years, day in day out. No puzzle is too difficult for us… Please feel free to check out our clue answers for today’s puzzle. We have simplified everything for you by arranging the answers as per their order of appearance on the crossword itself, as well as in the direction they align to on the newspaper.

If it’s your first time to participate in these puzzles, we welcome you to be playing regularly and checking out our daily clues in order to sharpen your skills. The New York Times crossword puzzle is published daily but each day presents a unique challenge for the crossword-aholics. It has been in existence for almost eight decades now. Besides appearing on newspapers, the puzzles are currently available on the NYTimes official mobile app.
Fun fact: All legendary crossword solvers have played in this puzzle at one point in their lives. Perhaps that’s how it earned the title “King” in the world of daily newspaper puzzle games.

You will have an easier time with Wednesday and Monday puzzles compared to the others because, by our own admission and experience, these two days have the mildest challenges. Thursday’s clever puzzle is a bit hard but not as hard as Sunday’s, while Saturday’s puzzle is known to be the toughest. Don’t worry yourself too much, though, because we will be here to assist you whenever you feel overwhelmed by any puzzle. What’s more, you will be solving puzzles on your own pretty soon and that by itself will give you a great deal of satisfaction.

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